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New – Online Bundle Offer!! Don’t Miss Out!!

Hey Guys!!

I am really excited to share with you a really cool special offer I just posted on my website.  I hope you take advantage of it RIGHT AWAY!!

So, I just posted a bundle worth nearly $30 that you can pick up for just $19.99!!  The bundle is guaranteed to help you through the Holiday and Winter season feeling better than ever!

I’ve been getting FANTASTIC feedback on the Navigating the Holidays lecture and practice and I just made it even better with TONS of bonus content including my 10 page Holiday Resource Guide that includes 12 WORKOUTS!!  Check out this testimonial from S.H.!

I wanted to let you know how happy I am you’ve made your practice available for home use. I was in a crunch for time this morning and remembered I’d just purchased your Navigating through the Holidays practice. It was just what I needed and will be in my “go to” favorites along with Rolf Gates and Rodney Yee!  It pretty much covered everything and was complete with plenty of chair poses and planks!  I felt like I had a great workout as well as stress relief so very much needed after working through Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing you soon.”

So, how did I make it an even better opportunity for you?  Here’s what you get in the Navigating the Holidays bundle:

  • “Navigating the Holidays” 90 minute lecture (audio)
  • “Navigating the Holidays” 45 minute yoga session (audio)
  • “Hunger/Satisfied Scale” fully explained and printable for ease of use and to take with you everywhere you go until it’s mastered (pdf)
  • Seasonal Food Suggestions to help you select optimal foods during the Winter months (pdf)
  • Holiday Resource Guide.  My 10 page resource that I’ve shared with clients for years that offers additional tips for the holiday season PLUS 12 WORKOUTS!!!  These workouts are all under 20 minutes in length, can be done anywhere, anytime, and require ZERO equipment.  Each workout includes a breakdown of how to do it, how to scale it to make it easier, or how to make it harder!  You also get a glossary for more detailed guidance on how to perform each exercise.

To take advantage of this opportunity, just go to my website by clicking HERE.   Once I am notified of your purchase, I will email you the files and you will be all set.

I truly hope you will join me in this offer and together we will “Navigate the Holidays” and Winter months, in optimal health, fitness, and well-being.