21 Days of Nothing Challenge

The “21 Days of Nothing Challenge” is my invitation to you to join me in daily meditation for 21 days STRAIGHT beginning October 1st!

“If you want to change, the first thing you need to change is your mind” – Chris

Why “21 Days of Nothing”?  Most of us are already overloaded with busy-ness, or doing-ness.  I’m inviting you to set aside a few minutes, daily, over the course of 21 days to do absolutely nothing – just sit and meditate.  And while meditation is doing nothing, or as I like to put it, “being no body, going no where”, it is actually one of the most powerful things you can do to make a positive impact on your life.

Here are just a few proven benefits of meditation:

  • Lowers resting heart rate
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Boosts ability to maintain high levels of mental acuity for sustained periods of time
  • More easily tap into the “flow state”
  • Increases concentration skills which are vital for peak performance in day-to-day activities, workout and sports performance, and other work related tasks
  • Enhances creativity
  • Improves oxygen exchange in the lungs
  • Reduces stress and cortisol levels that are associated with stress. Cortisol has been linked to acceleration of the aging process, weight gain, immune system suppression, and increases in blood pressure
  • Improves sleep patterns and deeper levels of relaxation
  • Helps to ward off “anxiety attacks”
  • Quells symptoms associated with PMS
  • Enhances immunological function
  • Boosts feelings of well-being, happiness, joy, self confidence and personal empowerment
  • Facilitates fat loss

While these are all excellent reasons to meditate, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having no expectations on your meditation practice and to remind you that this is not a means to an end, rather a lifelong practice to cultivate your personal and spiritual fitness.

Who can benefit from the “21 Days of Nothing Challenge”?

The short answer?  “Everyone”!  This challenge is ideal for anyone interested in learning to meditate – from new meditators looking for proper guidance as well as experienced meditation practitioners lacking consistency or who could use some guidance and support.

What do I get when I sign up?

Those doing the challenge will get:

  • A sixteen page PDF that offers my insights and instructions for meditation which also answers many questions people have when it comes to meditation.
  • Access to a private Facebook page to connect and interact with others doing the 21 day challenge as well as myself, an experienced meditation teacher and guide.
  • 21 days of assigned meditation sessions.
  • Tools, mindfulness practices, and ongoing support.
  • A daily practice the will serve you for a lifetime!

When does the challenge begin?

Day 1 of the 21 Days of Nothing Challenge is October 1st!

“Rules” of the challenge:

While there really aren’t “rules” in meditation, nor this challenge, there are certainly guidelines which will ensure you have the most positive experience during the 21 days of the challenge.  Here is what I ask:

  • The most important guideline is that you MUST meditate, as assigned, for 21 days IN A ROW.  This means if you miss a day of assigned meditation, you start over at Day 1.  Yes, even if you miss Day 20, you start over again at Day 1.  Here’s why.  In order to develop a consistent and sustainable practice, you MUST develop the discipline and dedication of sitting for at least 21 days without missing a session.  There is a “cumulative training effect” which occurs after 21 days of daily meditation.  As such, I require that if you miss a session, you start again at Day 1.  Just trust me and know you will be glad you did and understand, for yourself, why I require this.  Don’t worry, the program is not hard to follow and I offer plenty of tips and strategies to ensure you complete the 21 day challenge. 
  • If you are on social media, I ask that you post you are doing the challenge, along with the hashtag “#21daysofnothing”.  And I encourage you to post throughout the program, using the same hashtag, as this lets others know you are involved with the challenge.  Doing so helps keep you accountable among your social media following.  Nothing beats group support when making a lifestyle change.  Additionally, you might inspire others to join in the challenge.
  • Tell others around that you are doing the challenge as well!
  • If you are on Facebook, join our private group, “21 Days of Nothing Challenge”.  Do this for the same reasons above as well as to gain the support and feedback from others doing the challenge.  Plus, I’ll be in the private group and can offer guidance.

How is this challenge different than free apps I can get on my smartphone or other programs out there?

The style of meditation we will explore during the “21 Days of Nothing Challenge”, is what I have practiced and taught for over 20 years.  It is the most basic and stripped down approach to meditation that there is, yet it is surprisingly unparalleled in its ability to quiet the chatter of the mind and in helping us regain control of our thoughts. Thus, this style of meditation truly reflects the essence and intention of challenge.  

Unlike other forms of meditation which may over simplify meditation, incorporate mantras, chanting, visualizations, complex techniques, music/sounds, astral traveling, or attempts to switch off the mind, the form of meditation I share requires nothing more than sitting down and paying attention to your breath and your posture.

Some forms of meditation hold promises of bliss, a happier life, abundance, peace, prosperity, cosmic experiences, or even “enlightenment.” In reality, none of these external conditions or rewards are relevant to true meditation. In fact, my experience with meditation has taught me that anything beyond sitting still and paying attention to your breath is just another construct of your mind, or entertainment for the ego-mind and has little to do with impacting the negative tendencies of your mind.  We get plenty entertainment for the ego-mind each waking moment. When you meditate, do so with the intent of just being present and mindful. Oh, and I guess there is one rule I have with meditation –

No expectations!

Having expectations on your meditation during the challenge is sort of like starting a weight loss program and weighing every day and expecting to see instant results.  Meditation and training the mind takes time.  Rather than having expectations during the challenge, just do the practice, as assigned, and trust the process.

How much does it cost to enter the challenge?

The “entry fee” for the 21 day challenge is only $21.  Yep, for just a dollar a day, you will get everything included, along with the tools you need to establish a life-time meditation practice and the opportunity to transform your mind… and your life!

Questions?  Just let me know.  Shoot me an email at: cchrisroche@gmail.com.

Ready to join the challenge?  Click the button below and I’ll forward you the starter kit which includes my nine page eBook which will explain all you need to know along with a video tutorial on the practice we will use beginning September 1st.

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